Ultrabreit Borneo


         There are several lineages of Borneo short-tail pythons that represent a mutation that is a color/pattern morph for the species Python breitensteini. These lineages are known by several names as coined by their owners. VPI has always used the name "Ultrabreit" for it's lineage, Keith McPeek of the Bloodline uses "Ghost" for the lineage he has, Snakemaker has one called "Latte" and "Mocha," Tom Bellamy - not sure he has a name but calls it "Ultrabreit like" at bloodpythonuk.


















What a great way to start 2009 with our pythons! 28 days post shed and we have our first clutch of Borneo short tails eggs, from an Ultrabreit x Ultrabreit pairing.

This pair was hatched in 2005.


Here is a pic with mom on eggs, details to follow today!


We have had a great week and I am getting ready to really focus on our Blood and Short-tail pythons. The year has started with the first ovulation from one of our Ultrabreit Borneo Short-tails x the same. The female looks gorgeous and I can't wait for these babies!