boa constrictor babies


Here is a pic of some babies for Jeff Ronne because he is missing seeing them so badly!

baby boasbaby boas


Great litter, here are the pics of mom with babies (eating a rat so I can take them away!). We answered some questions! More info on litter in next entry but here are the pics!

1) mom is a straight ghost not dominant

2) widow peak pattern is a dominant and inheritable (wait until I post the pics of these babies!)

3) need to see the effect on the hypos-hypo pattern is a very dominant pattern-widows peak did not appear on hypos-but it may have "normalized" the hypo pattern a bit).


The one thing that is difficult when you are working on these projects is  not having some sort of a guide to go to, so you know what is going on and what you should be looking for. That is where what I call "the appreciation factor" comes in. I am grateful for any shred of information I can lay my hands on, and in the case of boas there needs to be a lot more!


Three times is the charm, and finally this year my third attempt to produce motleys worked! In round 3 my plan was simple. Put the pair of motleys together, leave them together, and either hit on it or not. I will say that that approach is one I use a lot, and I think it goes under "no guts, no glory." What this means is I go for what I want and there is no turning back.


It's 6:00 am the first of December and it is 65F. Two nice warm rainy days ahead of us this week-end, then a nice little "cold snap" of 40F-60F for next week. Alternating weeks of cool and warm temps really work well during this time of year. I'm not big on continuous cold-in fact since I lived in Panama for two years during my 20's, and spent the better part of my life in a snake house at 80F, I'm not great in the cold!


After weeks of pacing and days of worry, this past month has been the countdown to the projected delivery date of my female jungle boa. This big girl is bred to my ghost boa male. I was pacing because this is an important clutch. I've invested five years of effort to see this clutch born. But I've been pacing because my female had seemingly gotten too big and sometimes boas in this condition deliver dead babies or, worse, they die before delivery.