We are really getting lots of great ovulations-my happy day because no matter what happens after seeing a female ovulate I can't do anything about it! No more second guessing it is out of my hands! Once I see a female ovulate I feel so much more relaxed in terms of knowing whether all things I set up were right or not, I accept the consequences and know the results approximately 50 days later. 21 days from ovulation to shed, and 30 days until laying, that average 50 day waiting period goes by quickly as I am attending to females I can do something about!


We have had a great week and I am getting ready to really focus on our Blood and Short-tail pythons. The year has started with the first ovulation from one of our Ultrabreit Borneo Short-tails x the same. The female looks gorgeous and I can't wait for these babies!


Crazy busy!! That is great and I am looking forward to breaking warm weather and spring! We are just around the corner for hummingbirds (black chins), we feed hundreds of them from now until October. We put out 10 feeders and like clockwork they show up starting March 10th or so every year. We have been feeding lots of gorgeous cardinals this year (my day has to start with sitting and watch birds eat seed outside our kitchen windows. When that gets going there are often big flocks of wild turkeys that show up. It is awesome seeing up to 30 wild turkeys right out your kitchen window!


Now this is a fun cross. A proven super ghost male x pink panther VPI caramel albino.

This is a bit of a paradox because with the same parents we will make one set of babies we hope will ultimately make pink, orange, rich colored snakes and one set will be hopefully produce very stark purple white and silver snakes!


We get a lot of questions regarding feeding during the breeding period. We absolutely do feed during this period, but only one rat per snake, one time per week. When  the female's follicles get to a point where they are getting in the 25 mm range we stop feeding the female. Some keepers stop feeding the females as soon as they start breeding because they don't want to risk the female ovulating prematurely.


One of the questions we get asked a lot is should you feed a snake during the breeding period. We absolutely feed snakes when they are breeding. The number one thing we always advise is that your conditions while breeding don't expose the snakes to temperature extremes. This of course goes hand in hand with the proper environment for feeding a snake. If you are exposing your animals to cool temperatures (less than 75 F) I do not recommend feeding them. There are many schools of thought regarding feeding during the reproductive period.


Today is a big day because I hit the big "50"! Hard to believe, I certainly don't feel like I'm that old! My take is I'm now on day one of my next 50 years, I'm hopefully a lot smarter than when I was the first day of my first 50 years!

The weather is foggy with light rain, but a nice 66F. The rest of the country is blanketed by a huge ice storm from Oklahoma to the midwest. I sure am glad I live in Texas!!