super ghost boa


Well, at least one female cooperated on the boa watch and last night I found a great litter from one of our Pink Panther VPI Caramel albino female x super ghost male. She had 19 perfect babies, 1 slug, and 2 doa babies. I'm not sure how that happened, but I did notice that they had no membranes around them at all, so I suspect they broke out of their sacs inside the mom, which apparently is not a good idea! Mom looks great and she is my number one priority.


Now this is a fun cross. A proven super ghost male x pink panther VPI caramel albino.

This is a bit of a paradox because with the same parents we will make one set of babies we hope will ultimately make pink, orange, rich colored snakes and one set will be hopefully produce very stark purple white and silver snakes!


We get a lot of questions regarding feeding during the breeding period. We absolutely do feed during this period, but only one rat per snake, one time per week. When  the female's follicles get to a point where they are getting in the 25 mm range we stop feeding the female. Some keepers stop feeding the females as soon as they start breeding because they don't want to risk the female ovulating prematurely.


Today is a big day because I hit the big "50"! Hard to believe, I certainly don't feel like I'm that old! My take is I'm now on day one of my next 50 years, I'm hopefully a lot smarter than when I was the first day of my first 50 years!

The weather is foggy with light rain, but a nice 66F. The rest of the country is blanketed by a huge ice storm from Oklahoma to the midwest. I sure am glad I live in Texas!!