What is the VPI MailBag?

Dear VPI,

What is the VPI MailBag?


Gentle Reader

Dear Gentle Reader,

For years now, Tracy and I have answered many hundreds of questions every year that were sent to us by keepers who needed information or advice. In 1998 we decided to post the questions and answers in the hopes that this would provide a useful resource to keepers who sought similar information. By 2006, the MailBag Archives contained over 2000 posts. 

 However, in 2006 our software failed and the company that created it had gone out of business. No longer could our readers access the MailBag archives.  In response we have created this new version of the MailBag. We are now in the process of updating and rebuilding the archives. We hope to re-create the great repository of herpetocultural information that the MailBag once represented. This VPI MailBag will be easily accessible and can be searched with greater specificity.

We welcome you to the VPI MailBag. It is a unique resource on the Internet for herp keepers. If you have a question, send it to us in an email. Please realize that we cannot answer all emails, sometimes we just dont have time and sometimes we just don't know the answer. But we answer as many as possible and we post what we consider to be most important to our audience of readers. Come and read the VPI MailBag, we hope you find it enjoyable, informative, and useful.