The Puerco Mountains Report #5



Howdy Herpers,

Since I've added a few names to this list, I thought I'd take a moment to update you all on the studies' current cast of characters:

Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes (Crotalus atrox):

Female CA47, "Wendy"

Male, CA55, "Double Nickels"

Female, CA61, "Katie"

Female, CA102, "Ali"

Tiger Rattlesnakes (Crotalus tigris):

Male, CT1, "Tony"

Male, CT3, "Gordo"

Male, CT4, "Blakie"

Female, CT6, "Gracie"

Blacktail Rattlesnakes (Crotalus m.  molossus):

Male, CM9, no name

Male, CM10, "Frankie"

I currently have 7 transmitters, with no funding to purchase more. After seven years, perhaps it is time to bring it all to a slow conclusion. My plan is to carefully select any new snakes that come my way for getting one of the remaining transmitters.

I'm also considering the current gang of ten to receive one.

Right now, I'm really liking the blacktails. Diamonbacks, though, are the performers; it will be heartbreaking to see them go. The tiger rattlesnakes are BORING for nine months out of the year--but they ARE tigers. Doubtless three of the tiger gang above will stay in the study for one more round.

Once the seven transmitters are all in the game, the study will continue on those animals for about another year total. Once that time period has passed, we can rest assured that since all animals have PIT tags, we can always start things up again.

Photo 1Photo 1So, for more than a year, these reports will keep coming. That is, if the good Lord is willing, and the creeks don't rise.

I thought I'd keep this report simple with just these three photos. It was a righteously spectacular weekend, and it will take more than one report to recount.

For now:

Photo one: Hans-Werner Herrmann (Herman-the-German) points out a Tiger Rattlesnake (CT3) with his right hand, and a Black-tailed Rattlesnake (CM10) with his left. This photo was taken on Sunday, April 20. One day previous, CM10 was over 150 meters to the northeast of CT10.

It's always cool to see two species come so close together.

Photo 2: CT3, Hans-Werner's right hand snake.Photo 2Photo 2

Photo 3: CM10, H-Ws left hand snake.

More to follow in a couple days.

Best to all, roger

Photo 3Photo 3