Puerco Mountains Report #9


Roger Repp's Puerco Mountains Report

Howdy Herpers,

I'm going to just blast off a short and sweet report from Hotland to you all.


The best news we've had from the tiger rattlesnake front happened Saturday morning, 31 May. We've had two tigers that I've not seen since last year. They are CT4, Blakie, and CT6, Gracie. Both went into hibernation (of some form) on October 21 of 2007.Gracie's HibernaculumGracie's Hibernaculum

As of June 7, Blakie still remains the invisible man--the last non-visual remaining for 2008.

Which is to say that Gracie was kind enough to "grace me" with a visual. She is definitely alive. We can let the photos say the rest.

Gracie on the prowlGracie on the prowl


More later, roger

[Later] Hey Tiger Guys,

Won't be able to get long winded today, so just thought I'd ship you these from last night.

Matt informed me yesterday that tigers sometimes are late to egress due to a shed cycle.

Check out the base of the rattlesCheck out the base of the rattlesAnd that is EXACTLY what happened here.

Note the two plain rattles after the basal before the paint. She went into hibernation with one plain rattle. Good stuff Matt!

I promise a full report soon.

Best to all, roger