Puerco Mountains Report #11


Roger Repp's Puerco Mountains Report 

[originally posted 30 June 2008]

Howdy Herpers,

Whelp, on Saturday, it was decided that the plot herps needed a break from any Rogerly attentions. Instead, I went to my soooper secret spot. It is a land flowing with milk, honey, and ridgenose rattlesnakes. Also, rock rattlesnakes are as common as sand.

If I told you where this place was, I'd have to kill you all. It is enough for you all to know that such a place exists.

I arrived in Arizona all sorts of wide-eyes and hopeful of finding my first ridgenose in the wild. It took me many years to score my first one.

My friend Annamarie Saenger is working for Coronado National Monument this summer. I kidnapped her, and took her to my most holy of holy places for ridgenose. Without her and her good ears, none of these photos would be possible.

Check out the pics....

That's all that's fit to spit. I'll be back at the old plot next weekend.

Best to all, roger

 Ridgenose rattlesnakeRidgenose rattlesnake

 Ridgenose RattlesnakeRidgenose Rattlesnake

 Banded Rock RattlesnakeBanded Rock Rattlesnake

Banded Rock RattlesnakeBanded Rock Rattlesnake