2010 Lavender Albino at Tinley Park IL

Jeff Ronne also took several picturesof this little sweety which we now believe is not a potential dominant sharp sunglow or even a co-dominant sharp sunglow but just a plane old fashion sharp albino that has this appearance of lavenders, pinks, and so on but basicly no white coloration at all except for the little tail circles which finally lead us to believe that she is only an albino. Now some would take this as a let down but what this is saying that this appearance is not attached to the hypo gene and acts independently and that my friends is very exciting for future projects. She is the sister of course to the below Lavender Glow which the word glow is added when hypo is mixed with albino. I am also using the Lavender name since these animals do show lavender coloration and how exciting to think how far this appearance can be taken and how Lavender can we get a boa in the future, only time will tell. I will have this picture and another posted on the site as soon as possible. Thanks for looking, www.boabasement.com

Doug Matuszak - bbasement@att.net