Albino Green Tree Pythons

I have been working on this project for 11 years, and it finally paid off a few weeks ago. In 2001, I purchased a red neonate gtp that was related to the first albino which was hatched the following year in 2002. My neonate's sire was a brother to the parents of the first albino (which were Merauke locality animals originally brought in from Bushmaster by VPI). Several years later, my neonate's sire produced an albino when bred back to one of his daughters. At this point, I knew my neo was a 50% possible het and, fortunately, it ended up being a male that I named "Versace". Versace produced his first clutch in 2005 and I held back most of the clutch. I ended up with 4 female holdbacks. I raised these girls up and started pairing all 4 of them back to Versace in 2010. None of the pairings took the first year. In 2011 I got the first clutch from one of the daughters, but no albinos. In 2012, a second female took, and I got another clutch... again, no albinos. I vowed to see the project through until I got a clutch from each of the original 4 holdback females. This year, I got a small clutch of 4 viable eggs from the 3rd daughter... and it contained 2 albinos! One is a red baby, and the other is a yellow. I'm very excited to see what these will do (particularly the red one) when crossed into some of the other designer gtps types that are out there.

Marcial Mendez -