Bucket shot of some new stuff

these pictures of these new designers are all preshed. Literally just days old. What you see is a couple of Cinnamon Pewter bananas from a Super Pewter male bred to a female Banana which by the way will turn 2 years of age August 4, 2011. This little sweet heart gave me 5 eggs at 21 months of age producing 3 pewters and 2 pewter Bananas. Next stop, "BARNY" ball which will be a purple patternless ball python and is a Super Cinnamon Banana and that is just the tip of the iceburg. You also see the first enchi Super Mojave which should glow orange as it matures. the 2 other kids are some of the craziness that was produced from an enchi Mojave bred to a Lemon blast and may be the 4 gene designer. We will have to figure these out over time. Hope you enjoy the picture and more will be posted in time on my site, www.boabasement.com. thanks, Doug Matuszak

Doug Matuszak - bbasement@att.net