Female Lavender Glow

This is one of the female Lavender Glows that was extremely colorful as a baby but not really lavender but still fit my bill to keep her for future projects. Well, she has really gotten quite lavender and I hope to prove her genetic along with her Lavender Glow siblings. Can you imagine lavender glow motleys, lavender glow jungles, lavender glow arabesques and all the rest, well, I hope to be able to bring all of that to you in the future. Besides those mentioned, I will also be attempting to isolate the genes by selective breeding and line breedings to intensify this appearance which wil simply be mind boggling if it all works. This is all pure bci designers, no mutt making ever takes place at the Boa Basement. Thanks for looking, Doug Matuszak www.boabasement.com

Doug Matuszak - bbasement@att.net