female pastel dream sharp albino, update

this is a Pastel Dream Sharp albino designer produced last year from a male Pastel Dream Sharp albino(he is pastel yellow, no pink exists on this animal thus proving that the pastel dream gene does not signify that pink exists on the animal, what it means is that their a several things going on with the animals to put them in the category of pastel dream, not just a pretty pink color), he was bred to a female dbl het for sharp sunlgow (orange tail of course) All you need to do is lay the orange tail hypo on top of this designer and you make a Sun Dream. No Sun Dreams were produced in this particular litter but his little Pastel Dream Albino was. She looks a lot like the original one I produced back in 2005 Thanks for looking, Doug Matuszak www.boabasement.com.

Doug Matuszak - bbasement@att.net