male Sun Dream 1, 2010, update

This incredible designer continues to color up as he matures and is surpassing all hopes for this combination. This is a Sharp Albino/Pastel Dream/Orange Tail Hypo or in other words, a Pastel Dream Sunglow or as I refer to this, a Sun Dream. Bci x bci x bci designer. I have recently seen a few calling their sharp sunglows, "pastel sunglows", these have absolutely no relationship to my animals, nor do they carry the genetic inheritability or consistancy that my project does. this guy is the one who had a lot of lavender coloration on him as a baby but has added red coloration in those areas. He still has lavender in him and we will see how it looks as he continues to mature. However you slice it, he is an extreme designer and a major piece to what will be created here over time. thanks for looking, Doug Matuszak

Doug Matuszak -