p.s. LOVE the new site and the new book (and here's one LAST picture of an '06 poss. het snow blonde suboc)

One last comment... I had my school (BYU) order both volumes of "Pythons of the World", and " vol. 2 - Ball Pythons" is hands-down THE best husbandry book ever written for ANY snake keeper for ANY type of snake kept. They've been in my house since they arrived at the school's library. LOL And you can probably guess what's on my Christmas list! Thank you for making such a GREAT, comprehensive book! This baby hatched on Sunday Nov. 12th from Triple Het x Triple Het parents. ~45% possible het for snow, ~22% possible het for albino, ~22% poss. het for axanthic and ~10% poss. het for one of those. Let it snow! Let it snow! LOL

Dusty Rhoads - subocs@gmail.com