Possible Proof that the Euro and Loma Alta Albino Subocs are Allelic/Compatible

Dave and Tracy, I just had to share this with you guys. On Nov. 5th at 4 AM I hatched out an albino suboc from a Loma Alta albino male x Axanthic Blonde female pairing. All of the other eight babies in the clutch were normally patterned/normally colored Triple Hets. Obviously this was completely an unexpected surprise. I can trace my axanthic blonde female's heritage back to the first axanthic blondes that Mark Bell hatched, and the person who purchased the grandparents of my axanthic female was Todd Smith, who was also working to establish the European line of albino subocs at the time. After contacting Glenn Fankhauser (Todd Smith's partner), he mentioned that they made some triple hets and sold some of the silver offspring that were possible hets for albino to a few people back then. This is the only explanation that I have for this weird hatching. It would seem unlikely to me that a blonde from River Road in SW Brewster County would have the same gene causing albinism that the Loma Alta line has. Those locations are really far apart. It seems more likely that the two bloodlines are compatible, especially since they both are missing the frontal scale. Sadly, the snake died after it left the egg, still attached to the shell by its umbilicus. Kind of a heartbreaker, but to my knowledge, this was the first albino suboc that was 100% het for silver and blonde. Any thoughts?

Dusty Rhoads - subocs@gmail.com