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2 Cinnamon Pewter Bananas ch 7-16-2011. I kept this clutch quiet from literally everyone because if she did not throw any Banana genes, I was going to be in a bad mood for a long time. I know whatever Banana genes she threw were going to be Pewter Bananas since she was bred by my Super Pewter male, first ever produced back in 2008, you can see him and his kids on this braggers post, just go back in time and see the magic begin. This female banana of mine is ch august 4, 2009 and blessed me with 5 eggs on May 21 2011 at the ripe old age of 21 months and around 1400 grams. I loved her before just because she is a Banana but now she is a wonderful producer as well. She is eating like a pig and is all ready getting ready for her next boy friend, I guarentee it will be another game changing combination. Hope you enjoy the picture andyou can see more soon on my site, thanks, Doug Matuszak

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