Breeding Kenyan sandboas...


Dear VPI,

I recently purchased an adult pair of Kenyan sandboas (1.1).  They just arrived here last week and I am interested in breeding them this year.  I have read some articles on breeding them, but am not sure exactly the best way.   I have them on an 8 hour on, 16 hour off light schedule with an undertank heater on at all times.    I have read your Kenyan sandboa article in Vivarium magazine that said that you turn off the undertank basking heat. I live in a dorm, so it is hard to keep the room temperature constant.  The room gets much cooler at night, so I am not comfortable turning off the undertank heater. 

This is my first attempt at snake breeding and I would appreciate any help that you could offer me.   Thanks for your time,    Ian

Dear Ian,

I used to breed Kenyans every year by keeping them with a heated area all year (a heat tape), but in a room that was about 70 in the summer and 60 in the winter. They actually voluntarily spent a lot of time over on the cool side of the cage, winter and summer. They are usually pretty simple snakes to breed. There are many ways to get them to breed, they aren't very fussy about protocol. Just get the female big enough and put the pair together from December until May or so.  DGB