Is my blood python constipated?


Dear VPI

My yearling blood python has not defecated for three months. She is still eating and has had two sheds, but no feces. I gave her two separate doses of 2 ml mineral oil per kg of bodyweight; I soaked her and still nothing. I keep her cage almost wet (no signs of respiratory illness) to avoid dehydration while I wait for her to defecate.  Her body temp stays around 83 degrees F. I am ready to take her to a vet and have him remove the feces manually. Is there any other way?

Thank you.  Derek


Dear Derek,

I have never seen a constipated blood. It might happen, and maybe this is what yours is doing , but I doubt it. We regularly have them go 4-6 months without defecating when they are about 1-3 years of age. Why they don't defecate often at this age, I don't know--but they don't.

If you need for her to defecate, then "swim" her--put her in deep warm water (maybe about a foot deep) and make her swim. Don't make the water too warm, about 83-87 degrees F will do nicely. Don't leave her unsupervised and don't leave her in the water for more than five or ten minutes. Usually a blood will decide to defecate in a few minutes. But I wouldn't worry, and I wouldn't bother.  DGB