Using aspen bedding in large cages...

Dear VPI,

I’m using aspen bedding in a 48” x 24” cage.

Some other keepers told me it wasn’t good to use aspen in a large cage.

Is there a problem with using aspen bedding in such a large enclosure?  edd    


Dear edd,

We use aspen in cages four times that size. I love aspen and use it whenever I can.

To use it correctly, put in a deep layer, maybe 4-6” deep. Then just clean out the feces, but only change the aspen when your nose tells you the cage is getting rank. 

I’ve used aspen since 1977 and never had a problem with it. However, there are snakes that don’t do well in it, so you have to watch them to make sure that your snakes aren’t crawling around with mouths packed full of aspen. That isn’t a common thing, but we used to have little Burmese that would get too much in their mouths as they rooted around. DGB