Why are Clown Ball Pythons expensive?

Dear VPI,

Why are clown ball pythons so expensive? Don't feel obligated to reply as I know how busy you must be. Thank you for your time,  Aaron


Dear Aaron,

Like many of the ball python mutations, clowns are relatively expensive, but their value lies in their potential genetic contribution to designer breeding projects. Pastel / Clown: Hatched by Snake Keeper.Pastel / Clown: Hatched by Snake Keeper.

You can cross the clown condition with albino, axanthic, caramel, burgundy, platinum, striped, ghost, jungle or just about any other of the ball python conditions and expect to get something really cool and different.

Pastel / clown designer balls were first hatched in 2005 and they far exceeded expectations?very beautiful. As a pattern and color mutation, clowns have tremendous potential to contribute to designer projects. Plus they are very cool in their own right. DGB.