How do I judge if the humidity is adequate for my blood python?


Dear VPI,

Regarding humidity issues....(again)

I'm trying to get a feel for what keeps my bloods in tip top shape regarding  humidity issues.

It seems as if some do better in higher humidity then others...and I'm wondering if there are differences one can spot with humidity too high versus too low. 

Do both ends of the spectrum result in similar scale or eye dimples, or are there differences that might help me identify if humidity levels are too high or too low.

Thanks a bunch, G

Dear G,

If humidity is too low, then the snake has trouble shedding.

We keep blood pythons pretty much just like we kept Burmese pythons for many years. Most of our adult blood pythons are in large boxes on cage racks, outfitted  with newspaper and a water bowl. Youngsters are kept in small storage boxes. Juveniles and subadults are mostly in Vision Cage's new rack system, on paper with a water bowl.

They like to sit under the paper and we let them, as the humidity is higher under the paper than on top. In the wild we are told that they are often encountered sitting under piles of leaves and fronds in oil palm plantations--sitting under the paper is a very natural thing to a blood python.

NO MISTING, NO MOSS BOXES, NO HIGH TEMPS, NO HIGH HUMIDITY DRIPPING WET CAGES---with regard to humidity we keep them just like Burmese pythons with temperatures a little cooler, and they do fine.  DGB