How do I tell Borneo pythons from Sumatran short-tails ?


Dear VPI,

I just received a pair of short-tailed pythons from an individual claiming that they are Sumatran, but on closer inspection they really look like Borneo.  Is there a way to differentiate the two apart other than the coloration?  And I might as well ask how much you are asking for your hatchling Borneo's and Sumatrans, I'm definitely interested in a pair of your Sumatran's.  Thanks for your time and help.  Brent

Dear Brent,

There are dark Borneos and pale Sumatrans, especially when they are young, that can be difficult to tell apart.

In Borneos the anterior parietals are always a pair of (approximately) rectangular scales that border the posterior edge of the frontals and that are in full contact on the midline of the head of the snake.

In Sumatrans the anterior parietals are more oval and they rarely are in contact, being separated by a midline posterior projection of the frontal scales. When the anterior parietals are in contact, they just barely touch.  DGB