Borneo python constipated?

Dear VPI,

I'm starting to get a little concerned as i have had my two short-tail's now for two months and there has been no sign of any shedding taking place. They are around about eight month in age and seem to be rather happy and eat without to much fuss. I was given feeding records with the snakes though these do not report the shedding dates or dates of defecations.

The more aggressive feeder of the two has had about six meals whilst in my care, but there has been no sign of defecation. Is there something I should be getting concerned about at this time?

The work you guys have done is really an inspiration. Many thanks, Jed


Dear Jed,

Borneos, bloods, and Sumatrans--all three will sometimes go for six months eating ravenously but not defecating or shedding. We don't have a clue why they do it, but we have never seen it to be a problem. For these species, this seems to be normal, especially for subadult and young adult animals.

Good luck with them,