motley and super-motley boas


Dear VPI,

OK, so this is probably going to sound like a dumb question, but I'm trying to learn about all of the genetics of boa constrictors because sometime in the near future I would love to start a breeding project or two of my own. I am really enthusiastic about this and I'm trying to figure out what project I want to start first.

I was thinking about working with anerythristic boas, maybe breed with an albino and somewhere along the line make a snow. That all makes sense to me, but when I was looking through your gallery, I saw something I have never seen or heard of before--the super-motley!!!  Needless to say I now have a new favorite! Getting to my question now...  how would I go about making one?


Dear Chris,

The super-motley is the blackest of all boas, absolutely an incredible snake and definitely a favorite of ours, too.

A super-motley (solid black) is a motley bred to a motley. The cross produces 25% normal babies, 50% motley babies, and 25% super-motley babies.

And the miracles don't stop with the super motley! A hypo/super-motley (solid orange) is a hypo/motley bred to a motley. An albino/super-motley (solid patternless white with dark red eyes) is made by breeding a het-albino/motley to another het-albino/motley.  DGB