Supplemental heat for blood pythons...


Dear VPI,

Is an under-tank heat pad or overhead heating better to raise the ambient temperature in the tank for a blood python? Also which is better for creating a basking spot?

Thanks so much for your time,  Ryan


Dear Ryan,

Either/or--they both work just fine when done right. Really, most uses of the term "ambient temperature" refers to the temperature of the room that the cage is sitting in.

We keep out bloods in rooms that are 78 at night and 80-82 in the day, and we provide basking spots only to gravid females that have ovulated. We usually use substrate-heated basking spots that are 86-90 degrees when we provide a basking spot.

Also! It is very important to closely monitor temperatures where your snakes have access to heated basking spots. Snakes don't seem to be able to detect dangerously high temperatures of heated areas where they sit, and they can badly burn their bellies if a substrate heater goes awry and gets too hot.  DGB