Pythons of the World, V2, BALL PYTHONS (2006)

Pythons of the World, Vol II: BALL PYTHONS (2006)


Pythons of the World, Vol. II: BALL PYTHONS

The History, Natural History, Care, and Breeding

This is the most detailed and comprehensive book ever written about one species of snake-and not just any snake either. Ball pythons are among the most common snakes in captivity worldwide and for good reason. Ball pythons are hardy, small snakes with meek temperaments and a dazzling array of colors and patterns. Throughout history, these charming reptiles have been special to the humans who know them.

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At this time, ball pythons have an unprecedented popularity around the world. Authors Dave and Tracy Barker are keepers renowned in the world community of herpetoculture; they are biologists with decades of hands-on experience with pythons. Their expertise and success in working with pythons are unequaled. The Barkers have kept and bred more species of pythons than any other facility or institution. They bring to this book a rare consolidation of herpetoculture and herpetology, combined with their obvious affection for pythons.

Twenty chapters are devoted to general topics of interest and importance to keepers and breeders of ball pythons. A comprehensive bibliography lists articles, papers, and books written about the species. And Chapter 6, The MorphsChapter 6, The Morphsbecause of the book's breadth of information, all snake keepers-hobbyists and scientists, professionals and beginners-will find this book a treasure of carefully researched and detailed information relevant to the maintenance and breeding of all species of snakes.

Ball pythons are beautiful snakes, and the book is illustrated throughout with informative and fascinating An Alphabet of Ball Python Morphs, A to ZAn Alphabet of Ball Python Morphs, A to Zfigures and images. The extraordinary variations of color and pattern for which ball pythons are known and selectively bred are showcased in a gallery featuring some of the most beautiful snakes in the world.

Limited EditionLimited EditionThe book itself is built to last. The paper, boards and twine are acid free and archival quality. The book is assembled with a Smythe-sewn case-binding, the very best there is. The regular edition comes in a custom box, with a laminated full-color dust jacket. There is available a signed, numbered LIMITED EDITION that is leather-bound, round back with ridged spine, and in a custom slipcase.

This book is a landmark work in herpetoculture, the best book ever written about a snake species, and an instant classic. It is available only through the VPI Library.

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