All About Ball Pythons

All About Ball Pythons, a DVD from VPI

In ALL ABOUT BALL PYTHONS, Dave and Tracy Barker share their expertise based on decades of experience. Their enthusiasm for this beautiful species is apparent in their words and their work.
ALL ABOUT BALL PYTHONS, Part One, displays some of the most beautiful and rare ball pythons in the world. This video well illustrates the incredible variation of colors and patterns seen in ball pythons. Part One also discusses and illustrates the proper housing for ball pythons and what to look for when selecting a ball python as a pet.

ALL ABOUT BALL PYTHONS, Part Two, provides an authoritative and enjoyable overview of the care, maintenance, feeding, and breeding of ball pythons. In Part Two, the methods used to determine the sex of ball pythons are shown. Methods and techniques used to accomplish the captive breeding of this small python are detailed. The successful egg incubation techniques used at VPI are illustrated in this film.

Dave and Tracy Barker are acknowledged as leading experts on pythons. They are graduate biologists who have published more than 50 articles and books on the topic of pythons. Their combined experience keeping pythons totals more than 65 years. They own and operate Vida Preciosa International, Inc, a research and breeding facility that houses one of the largest collection of pythons in the world. 

ALL ABOUT BALL PYTHONS is filmed on location at VPI and features many of the rare and beautiful ball pythons in that renowned collection.

ALL ABOUT BALL PYTHONS is an enjoyable and interesting film for both novice and experienced keepers. They are filmed and produced by the award-winning team of Ron and Nellie Zimmerman. The Zimmermans filmed the popular National Geographic Explorer piece titled Passion for Pythons that featured the Barkers.


Executive Producer: TRACY BARKER

Producer and Director: NELLIE ZIMMERMAN

Post Produce and Editor: RON ZIMMERMAN

Running Time: one hour 

Price: $23.95