Lots of things going on with the end of the school year etc! Hard to believe we have a son starting high school next year and another starting the 7th grade! Both are growing and now I once again am the shortest member in our family! Well I am happy to take on that role! Tom and Guy grew a ton this year and when I look at them I can't believe it! They are both playing Lacrosse and I am just crazy about the thought of watching them play games next year! As some of you know I am a real sports nut and fan, so I will be in the stands cheering their teams on!


We are really getting lots of great ovulations-my happy day because no matter what happens after seeing a female ovulate I can't do anything about it! No more second guessing it is out of my hands! Once I see a female ovulate I feel so much more relaxed in terms of knowing whether all things I set up were right or not, I accept the consequences and know the results approximately 50 days later. 21 days from ovulation to shed, and 30 days until laying, that average 50 day waiting period goes by quickly as I am attending to females I can do something about!


What a great way to start 2009 with our pythons! 28 days post shed and we have our first clutch of Borneo short tails eggs, from an Ultrabreit x Ultrabreit pairing.

This pair was hatched in 2005.


Here is a pic with mom on eggs, details to follow today!

12/05/08 PART 1

It is that time of year and I love this time of year! Off we went to the local plant nusery to purchase our allotment of vermiculite! I'm getting nervous about the future availability of vermiculite. Every year we hear that it is going to not be sold, because previously it may have contained asbestos, which has been found to be a potential agent that causes a type of cancer. Here is some info...taken from the following website:


Here she goes again. This big striped blood python female laid a beautiful clutch today. This is her fourth clutch. She is the founder of one of our striped lineages, and her babies include some of the prettiest bloods we have. It's nice to have a snake like this big girl, we can always count on her.