triple hets


Well, at least one female cooperated on the boa watch and last night I found a great litter from one of our Pink Panther VPI Caramel albino female x super ghost male. She had 19 perfect babies, 1 slug, and 2 doa babies. I'm not sure how that happened, but I did notice that they had no membranes around them at all, so I suspect they broke out of their sacs inside the mom, which apparently is not a good idea! Mom looks great and she is my number one priority.


Great litter, here are the pics of mom with babies (eating a rat so I can take them away!). We answered some questions! More info on litter in next entry but here are the pics!

1) mom is a straight ghost not dominant

2) widow peak pattern is a dominant and inheritable (wait until I post the pics of these babies!)

3) need to see the effect on the hypos-hypo pattern is a very dominant pattern-widows peak did not appear on hypos-but it may have "normalized" the hypo pattern a bit).


Today is a big day because I hit the big "50"! Hard to believe, I certainly don't feel like I'm that old! My take is I'm now on day one of my next 50 years, I'm hopefully a lot smarter than when I was the first day of my first 50 years!

The weather is foggy with light rain, but a nice 66F. The rest of the country is blanketed by a huge ice storm from Oklahoma to the midwest. I sure am glad I live in Texas!!