October 2006

The VPI MailBag is intended as a resource for snake keepers. It is based on our answers to questions that are emailed to us. These questions come from keepers around the world, and the questions focus on many species of snakes. 

We include in the VPI MailBag practical answers to frequently asked questions. In fact, we answer many more questions than are posted here, but we try especially to post those questions that we think will be most helpful to the most  keepers and snakes. And it is fun to include a few strange or esoteric questions and topics, as well.

Here at the VPI MailBag, the most recent posts are listed in the link in the navigation side-bar on the right. All other posts are in the Archives link in that navigation side-bar. If you seek particular information, please use the Search box at the top, and search for species or key words.

To send us a question, email us to the addresses below. Please be aware that if your question is posted in the VPI MailBag, it may be edited for content and grammar. Also, your name may be replaced with your initials or otherwise changed, so that posts are anonymous.

send an email to Dave or Tracy to post your questions!

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